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"Thank you so much again for all your helps and phone calls in 2012. Your dedication and attention to details has guided me through the multiple hurdles of job hunting and led me to a desirable position. While other agents fixated more on getting "the job for the doc and get the commission", you are the one who actually know what I and my potential employer would need and match us accordingly. Thank you again for all your help."

~Ontario Lau, MD, Otolaryngology

"Thanks for all of your help during this difficult process. If there is any way in the future that I can help you feel free to ask."

~Titus Plomaritis, MD, Orthopedic Surgery

“I have worked with Ben Ferro and International Medical Placement, Ltd. For the past 3 years while job searching originally from Canada, and then more recently here in the U.S. They have provided me invaluable information on the otolaryngology market in general and, more specifically, my personal negotiations/contract issues. Ben’s personal expertise in this field makes him and his company a perfect partner”

~Kien Le, MD

"I have had significant experience with numerous placement companies in recent years, as I am in my seventh year of practice and have worked in two locations thus far, in the midwest and southeast. Recently, due to unforseen changes in the economy in the region where I practice, and the national recession, I was considering closing my private practice and evaluating other opportunities.

Ben provided the finest otolaryngology employer-employee expertise counseling that I have encountered in practice. He provided sound advice and even-handed assessment of new opportunities being considered for the move, as well as the employment option being offered through my local hospital.  In the end, with no financial remuneration to either he or his company, I elected to stay in my current location and accepted the employment offer tabled by the hospital where I hold privileges."

~Paul Warrick, MD

Once again thank you for everything. It was a pleasure working with you. I will recommend you to my colleagues, graduating next year.

~Hristo Tsvetkov, MD

Mr. Brown, I really liked the way you conduct business - very professional, knowledgeable and most of all amiable. I commend you for having and displaying such qualities that in today's world a lot of other people lack; you really are an asset to any company.
~Dr. Rudolph Gonzalez