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Job ID: 137

Type: Physicians

State: NY

Area: Albany area


Description: Looking for a NYS Licensed Psychiatrist in good standing and current registration. Prefer Two years’ experience in the treatment of addictions; bilingual. GENERAL RESPONSIBILITIES: Completes screenings, assessments and evaluations. Works as a multidisciplinary team member in meeting the individualized treatment needs of patients. Recognizes and adheres to the professional license code of ethics. Actively participates in improving the quality of care whenever possible. Specific tasks assigned are aligned with the professional license possessed by the employee, and the knowledge, skills and expectations of the profession. Tasks are connected with helping patients, their family members, significant others and other persons in their lives deal with problems related to alcohol and other drug use SPECIFIC RESPONSIBILITIES: Performs a psychiatric evaluation on all patients assigned. Informs and educates patients’ about their diagnosis. Assists staff in identifying and meeting the treatment needs of patients as part of a multidisciplinary treatment team. Maintains and protects accurate and timely documentation in case records according to agency policy. Assists in providing a safe and respectful environment for treatment. Provides the expertise and assistance of the professional field for which the licensed employee is hired. Attends and participates in all assigned meetings and committees. Networks with other community service providers to provide the full continuum of care needs identified by the multidisciplinary treatment team. Provides referrals to other community service providers as appropriate with the assistance of the program nurse. Maintains a professional relationship with staff, other providers and the community. Continues to seek and develop professional growth and activities. Maintains personal health and position as a positive role model. Demonstrates excellence in both internal and external customer service. Understands and is able to effectively communicate HIPAA compliance, corporate compliance and client confidentiality. Ensures and/or remains in compliance with local, state, and federal regulation, i.e. DHHS HRSA and NYSDOH, and all accreditation standards (e.g. Joint Commission and NCQA-PCMH). Adheres to the National Patient Safety Goals as defined by the Joint Commission and Health Center. Completes other duties as assigned.

Community/Facility info: Registered 501(c)3, non-profit community health center dedicated to providing affordable, accessible, high-quality, innovative medical, dental and addictions services, regardless of income or insurance status. With the number of uninsured and working poor skyrocketing, and Medicaid costs strapping local governments, we are a cost-effective health care home for patients receiving care in emergency rooms and other high cost settings.

Contact: For more information please contact Jason Brown at [email protected] or call 716-689-6000.

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